Glassy Shine Fast Track &

VIP DIP Queen Membership

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DIP Queen Diamond Rewards Program

DIP nails application and year-long nail art classes with monthly kits for the DIP QUEEN who knows “I’m worth it!”

Become the DIP Queen of perfectly dipped nails.

The complete package deal to get you started on your DIP journey with DIP Nails Expert, Lia Yang. Nail down the application process and let your imagination take you from basic nails to designer nails by learning a new nail art product every month.

The Glassy Shine Fast Track

Fast Track Kit: $240 worth of products and tools .

3 Modules and 6 hours Expert Collaboration:

  • The Glassy Shine Foundation

  • Slim Nail Extensions & Happy Smile Lines

  • Perfectly Beautiful Ombré

2 hrs Private one on one session

$1540 Value

VIP DIP Queen Membership

12 months of VIP DIP Queen Membership

  • Monthly Kit: 2 Exclusive DIP Colors in 2 oz jars, nail art item(s), 2 files and 2 buffers

  • Monthly Nail Art Masterclasses

  • Access to members only VIP DIP Queen Group

  • Personal 20% off Discount Code on

$1200 value

You get both in the Dip Queen Diamond Rewards Program

for only $2000

Here’s what our clients are saying….

“I’ve never done dip nails before…

You’re a great teacher. I love watching your instructional videos but I benefit the most from our collaboration sessions. I have a new skill set. With my nails done, I feel like it boost my confidence. I feel ok going out there and showing off my nails. And with my business, it’s a great asset because as a professional woman, I want to look professional and nice.”

“On a scale of 1-5, I thought I was a 5…

before I started the program. I wanted to improve my techniques and learn nail art. After starting the program, I think I was only a 2. After the program, I see a big difference in the way my nails look. It’s not lifting and catching in my hair anymore. My nails stays on longer and looks smoother. My nails looks better. It makes my hand look beautiful and I feel beautiful. I have more confidence when I go out with my friends and my co-workers.”

“I’m better now at my application…

I’m not having to spend all this time correcting errors in application. I have clean cuticle lines. The last time I did my nails it took just a little over an hour. Which is not too bad, considering it took 2 to 3 hours before. I’m just really pleased how the cuticle lines came out. I recommend this program for people like me, that enjoys doing their own DIP nails. They have a collection of dip powder. They’ve been playing with DIP nails for maybe the past year, but they still feel a little slow. They wish they can be faster. There’s still areas in their application they would like to get better at. Someone like me, who’s a perfectionist and they want their nails to look as good as when the techs do. Also for people who are afraid to try different things like ombre or French nails.”

“I have invested in products before …

to do my nails but I could never get it right even though I watch YouTube Tutorials. The products just sit there collecting dust. I didn’t want to buy Dip Products unless I know how to use it. I decided to join Lia’s program to get her professional help. I love how my DIP nails look. I love the art I can create on it. The best part is, I can do all 3 of my daughters nails at no extra cost. I also love being able to spend quality time with my sister. She loves nails too and now that I know how, I get to see her more often and we actually get to catch up on life while I do her nails.”

Get your glassy shine confidence

on your own time with professional looking DIP nails and all the dazzles!

Fast Starter Kit

Here’s a closer look at the quality products that we’ll send you to start your DIP Queen journey at no extra cost!

  • The Dip and Gel System dip liquids

  • 4 Dip Powder colors, 2 oz each

  • 72 W UV/LED nail lamp

  • Mani tools

  • 2 Nail Tips Cases (Clear & White)

  • Cuticle Oil

  • Nail Glue

  • Buffers and Files

  • Brushes


  • 10 Anti-aging Hand Masks $50

  • Nail Style Guide $60

  • Dip N Gel System Liquids $50

  • Nail Art Packet $100

    10 nail art stickers sheets, gold foil flakes, 2 iridescent flakes, Fairy Dust Chunky Glitter Set, gold stripe tape, silver stripe tape, and UV Rhinestones Gel

    Total Value $260

Meet your instructor…

Lia Yang

Lia believes all women should have some Glassy Shine Confidence in their lives. Lia is a Dip Nails Expert and CEO of The Lia Living Life Collection of DIP products. She is also the founder of the Glassy Shine Fast Track program where she coaches professional women how to do their own dip nails from home with salon quality results. She also teaches a monthly Nail Art Masterclass to give her clients options on nail art. She’s been in the nail industry for over 10 years doing a variety of nail services. However, her love for Dip nails products and their ease of use drove her to create her own line with a unique system that includes UV gel as the finishing step to give your nails that lasting glassy shine. Aside from nails, Lia is into skin and hair care. She loves to travel and explore new places. She enjoys Netflix bingeing. Lia is also a supportive mom to 4 children and a loving wife to her husband. Her motto is to live life to the fullest.

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